Why you should be a part of the Noname Nerd community

Why you should be a part of the Noname Nerd community

Our community has really exploded in the past month.  Like really grown in terms of the number of people participating.  More people chatting.  More people gaming.  More people helping each other out.  And it has been awesome.

We've had some growing pains.  That's part of what happens when communities grow and, you know, that's OK.  We don't always have to agree.  In fact, healthy disagreement and civil discourse are at the foundation of all civil society.  That being said, our goal at the Noname Nerd is to create a welcoming and supportive environment so civil disagreement is fine, but toxic hate is not.  But I learned that most nerds understand that and can disagree politely and support each other even when they don't see eye to eye.  And others are welcome to find other communities to join.

Here's what I have learned from the Nerds that have been a part of our communities.  They are creative and interested in making society a better place.  Whether it is sharing information on how to make a better stream, or showing off their latest cosplay, the Noname Nerd community is full of talented individuals with a wealth of knowledge that they are more than happy to share.  Our Nerds are also supportive.  From sharing their thoughts on the best new games that are coming out or providing input on logo or jersey designs, these Nerds want to make a positive impact on those around them in big and small ways. Be it a sympathetic ear or a fundraising stream, these are a great group of people.

Do you want to learn how to make your stream better?  Do you want to join one of the community esports teams that we are putting together?  Are you just looking for some funny memes or welcoming Nerds to chat with?  You belong here.

If you want to join our private Facebook group, just go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nerdsbelonghere/

You will probably find me hanging out with the Nerds on Discord.  Join us at https://discord.gg/zBpqk68

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