Nerd Family Thanksgiving

When BIGBITEJoe came to me with this idea, I was immediately on board.  Like HELL YEAH on board.  We all know that 2020 has sucked a whole lot so far and it's not looking like it will improve a whole lot before the holiday season.  What that means is there are a whole lot of nerds out there in our community who can't spend time with their friends, family, and other loved ones on Thanksgiving.  Some people will even be spending Thanksgiving by themselves.  It's a short term sacrifice to save lives.

But, it's hard.

It sucks.

It is a mental and emotional kick in the guts.

And the least that we can do is be there for each other.  I heard from a college student recently (who is taking all her classes online) and she said that she studies with a friend by logging onto Zoom and just being online together.  They don't talk much, but share in the comfort of just knowing there is someone else there who cares about them and how they are doing.

So that's what we are going to do with the first ever Nerd Family Thanksgiving.  Whether you are alone, with your family, or whatever situation, you are invited to join us for Nerd Family Thanksgiving because this community cares about you and how you are doing. Chat if you want, or just lurk.  Stay the whole night or just drop in for a few minutes.  Just know that this community is here for you.  We care about you and how you are doing.

For those of you regular community members, we're doing this Happy Hour style.  We will kick things off at 8:00 PM EST and the event will be hosted by BIGBITE Media at

It's BYO turkey and please share this with anyone who might be feeling lonely on Thanksgiving.

New Brand Ambassadors! QueenFizz, Breen, Gatorceri!

The Noname Nerd brand is built upon the Noname Nerd community.  The truth is that there is no company without the community (well, it would be here, I guess but not as amazing.)  Don't get me wrong--I am proud of the products that we offer.  However, when people think of the Noname Nerd, they think of more than just our products.  They think of what it means to be part of an inclusive and accepting community, what it means to be among people with shared interests who pursue then in a positive and supportive manner, and what it means to have a great group of people to hang out with!

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The Noname Nerd Promise

As a Noname Nerd, I promise:

  • To contribute to a world that makes people feel welcome and accepted
  • To be my authentic self and to follow my dreams and passions
  • To use my mind and heart in a way that benefits others while taking care of myself
  • To keep an open mind to people who are different
  • To recognize that we are all a family that may not always agree, but still deserves respect and support

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Of Discord, Community, and COVID-19

And I would get messages or read reviews and again and again I would see the compliments and kind words regarding the community that is the Noname Nerd. As Valhalla famously noted "I came for the jerseys, but stayed for the community." That's a pretty huge compliment because real community is hard to come by. Especially in a world that is fragmented in so many ways, I look forward to browsing conversations each day. Sometimes I participate and sometimes I don't, but it always comforts me to know that so many people are getting together and helping each other to grow and support shared interests. This community wasn't here before COVID-19, but it's here now and I am confident that it will be here for a long time afterwards. Thanks to all of you that made that possible.

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New Noname Nerd Brand Ambassadors

It is with distinct pleasure that I welcome Joe #TeamBIGBITE, N3-FluffyJrFBTV also Twitch, and Phazer0nest as new Noname Nerd Brand Ambassadors.  This is an invitation-only status and really requires some explanation into the start of the company itself.  During some of the early iterations of the company, I realized that I needed to find people who really represented the community that I wanted to build around the company. I'd been investing in marketing, but felt like in many cases dollars were flowing out with few returns. I decided that, rather than reaching out broadly, I would go looking for people who seemed to have the characteristics that represented the brand. I focused at first on Instagram and reached out directly to people who I would be proud to support and, I hoped, would be proud to support the company as well. The first brand ambassadors were the small group of people who really picked up the mantel and helped me out with everything from feedback on product development to promotional ideas to just chatting on some evenings. They were, to me, the cultural heart of the company and really helped shape the brand identity of the Noname Nerd. You will still see some of them on Discord and they still chat on Instagram.

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Our First Valorant Tournament!

The Noname Nerd is excited to be hosting the first of weekly esports tournaments for members of our online community. It will be a Valorant tournament for no more than 16 teams to register today!  Please be patient with us as we work through the logistics of offering these to you on a weekly basis. Format and games will change on a regular basis and you can always go to for updates. While we will be charging a small entry fee for future tournaments, we are excited to offer this first tournament to you for FREE!

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Virtual Happy Hour

The Noname Nerd is pleased to be offering weekly Happy Hours. These will be virtual opportunities for the Noname Nerd community to get together, support each other, engage in humorous Nerd banter, and throw back a few beverages of your choice. Each week the Noname Nerd Discord Admin team will pick a member of the community to host the Happy Hour with particular attention paid to active members of our growing community. If you are interested, stop by about join us! There will even be coupon codes for free merch given away at each Happy Hour!

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Why you should be a part of the Noname Nerd community

Here's what I have learned from the Nerds that have been a part of our communities.  They are creative and interested in making society a better place.  Whether it is sharing information on how to make a better stream, or showing off their latest cosplay, the Noname Nerd community is full of talented individuals with a wealth of knowledge that they are more than happy to share.  Our Nerds are also supportive.  From sharing their thoughts on the best new games that are coming out or providing input on logo or jersey designs, these Nerds want to make a positive impact on those around them in big and small ways. Be it a sympathetic ear or a fundraising stream, these are a great group of people.

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Do I need to wear pants? The questions that everyone has about working from home, but is afraid to ask

Thanks to COVID-19 a whole lot of us have had to make an adjustment to working from home this year. Sure, it allows us to skip a commute and sleep in a little longer. Still, it's strange to roll out of bed and roll directly into the office.  I know that I'm not the only one who has found the transition awkward at times. I'm not complaining, because at least I still have a job. Here are my Noname Nerd answers to the questions about working at home that you have, but are afraid to ask.

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Amazing product photos thanks to Chinling Photography

Luckily, I had an easy option.  I just asked Chinling of to help me out.  She's primarily a wedding photographer, but to say that she has an artistic eye really understates the talent that she brings even to product photography.  When we were setting up for one of her photoshoots she asked me what props I was going to bring. "Props?" I said...  Of course, it never occurred to me that some simple props really help people understand really important things, like the size of a product, but also provide cues on how they are supposed to use it and, most importantly, how they are supposed to feel about the product and even what type of people should be considering the product (for example check out the buffs that she photographed below with the PS4 and Xbox game controllers).

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