The Best Movies for Gamers

Not all video games made into movies suck. In fact  a game signed and produced into a film; it is a heaven for gamers in which they can probably live forever. There is an abundance of movies being produced which were officially introduced as games, here we will be discussing the most famous and splendid movies which rocked the world for gamers. So, without further ado let us dive right in;

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The Biggest Video Game Releases in 2019

These back few years have been the most promising and splendid when it gets to the new releases for games, some major installments hit their respective franchises, and a few new games were also developed and introduced to the gamers. 2019 is going to be no different; there are tons of games ought to be released in 2019 which will simply blow your brains out;

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Best Marvel Avengers rumors of 2018

With three separate movies already hit the franchise a new one titled “Avengers Endgame” is destined to hit the cinemas come April 2019. Fans have been really excited and are passionately awaiting the release of what seems to be the final franchise concluding the chapter of Avengers. When the trailer was revealed Dec 7, 2018, fans watched Tony Stark stranded in the space recording his last message for his dearest pepper. And the rest of the team also seemed in peril as all their tries to save their friends and 50% of the population from Thanos failed, until at the very last of the trailer when fans witness a ray of hope striking down in the climax.

Fans have been cooking various theories regarding the Marvel Avengers Endgame sequel, and multiple rumors are also present online. From that haystack, we have gathered few best and spectacular rumors striking around the Endgame.

1. 3 hours Run Time for Endgame
As the movie is presumed to be the last for the Avengers franchise, the allotted run time could be of 3 hours. Though it is just a rumor, a 3 hours run time means either a lot of slow, non-action scenes, or a sh*t-ton is going down in this movie. Make sure to fill up on popcorn and use the bathroom before you sit down!

2. The Death of Pepper
Another rumor about the plot of the Endgame revolves around Iron Man sacrifice someone special to take the soul stone back from Thanos and most probably it is going to be Pepper, heartbreaking right?

3. Nick Fury plotting his own strategy
Soon after the Avengers: Age of Ultron, Nick Fury got off from the screen and was never seen in whole Avengers: Infinity until the very end where he seems to be calling a friendly hand from another galaxy to help Avengers defeat Thanos. Yes! This is actually Captain Marvel which will help the team to get the gauntlet back from Thanos and resurrect all the paradoxes. Nick Fury, we got you there!

4. Doctor Strange and the Time Stone
Doctor Strange at the end of the Avengers: Infinity War concluded the 14 million outcomes of Avengers vs Thanos and believed that only one could get them through in defeating Thanos. That is why he gave away the time stone to Thanos, but did doctor think about it? Yes, Of course, see Antman at the end of the Avengers Endgame trailer knocking over the Captain America’s door?
That is what Doctor Strange had in mind, see Antman can be seen stranded in a time-shift, a portal like structure, where he would be safe from all the effects Thanos would cause. Because of the Gauntlet's energy can't seem to penetrate through that dimension. What if the same could be done for restoring everything; what if Antman is the last piece of the puzzle here? Doctor Strange surely thought 14 million times before giving away that Time stone.

5. Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy
As it can be seen that Thor and the Guardians of Galaxy have been getting along wonderfully, as Groot helped Thor to score his new powerful hammer. Fans suggest that at the end, it is going to be Thor alongside other members of Guardians of the galaxy to destroy Thanos once and for all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm pretty excited about the upcoming holiday. It's one of my favorites because it is all about family and food. It doesn't have the same pressure and materialistic orientation of Christmas. At the same time it comes at a time when we all need a break. My office has been slow, to say the least, these last few days. 

And, of course, Black Friday is around the corner.  Last year, US retailers earned $7.9 billion dollars on the day after Thanksgiving. Hey, I'm a retailer too and I'd like a piece of that pie! I'll post a few deep discounts here so make sure to check in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I have a confession to make. This is a small operation and we'll mostly be spending the time with our families (maybe even doing a little shopping ourselves.)

I encourage you to do the same. Save a few dollars at the big sales, but also spend some time playing board games with your kids and talking with your parents and grandparents. Browse online for sales, but also unplug and watch the snow drift down and be grateful for the warm house that you have. Remember, that this is a time to appreciate what we have and not simply to fill the gaps in what we don't yet have.


Facebook is down November 12, 2018

Is Facebook simply the aspartame to the sugar of reality?  How many people around the world had the same collective gasp of concern when they were confronted with this error message? How long before business advertising begins to suffer, friends begin to wonder how they will check up on each other, and bored people at bus stops will have to (gasp!) engage in conversation while they wait? Surely social media connects us, but what does it connect us to?

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Star Wars, the Last Jedi, and Russian trolls

I don't have a solution to this, but I hope that it is a cautionary tale to all you Star Wars Nerds out there.  Don't assume that we are living in a divided and hate-filled world.  We might disagree, but that angry fan you are arguing with on Reddit might be nothing but a Russian troll or sock puppet.

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What is a running nerd?

I feel a little out of place having running stuff on this site. I know that this store is mostly oriented towards gear and gadgets with a pop culture orientation (e.g. Steven Universe, My Hero Academia, Legos, etc.).  Call it an ego driven indulgence, but I really like to run so it stays. Actually, I've run a lot.  I've run races from 5k to multiple 100 mile races. That makes me a runner. And I'm kind of a nerd about it.

What do I mean by saying that I'm a running nerd?  Well, I really love the gear and gadgets that go with the sport. I mean, I know that all you really need is a pair of shoes, but I really NEED more then that. I have a Garmin Vivoactive 3 watch because I really NEED to know exactly how far I run each time. I run in Hoka One One running shoes because Nike just isn't good enough and I really NEED the padding to keep my knees healthy. I do not exaggerate  when I say that I own at least 4 hydration packs.  It's probably more like 5 or 6 if we include running vests.  That isn't to mention the water bottles and belts that I own.  I mean, you do need lights to run safely at night and the right gear to run in snow or rain.   I do love my running stuff.

That's what I mean when I say that I am a running nerd.  It's not really about the stuff.  It's about being passionate about something and, perhaps, almost too particular about how you participate. Sure, some nerds argue about what is canon in the Star Wars universe. Some nerds argue about the best type of running pack. For the record, this is currently my favorite.


Steven Universe t-shirts and tolerance

Officially licensed merch

OK, I'm super excited to have identified a new supplier that allows us to provide you with officially licensed merchandise.  I mean, I was OK that we weren't part of the Marvel and Star Wars flood of items (although I like both universes), but I really felt bad that the real nerds out there were having such a hard time finding good stuff from Steven Universe and My Hero Academia.  I mean, why is it so hard to find  stuff from My Hero Academia?  Well, I'm very pleased that we are now rolling out merch from both series as well as a wide variety of other items. I'm not going to lie.  My son loves both these shows and helped me pick.

So be sure to check up on us frequently because this is only the start!  Click on the Officially Licensed Merch link to see more.  Also, don't forget that you can still get 10% off for a limited time with the code "tenpercent".  Really creative code, eh?  Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see some of our new stuff as it come out.

Nerds and anti-fashion: The rise of ugly Christmas socks

As all you nerds know, we are hardly a fashion forward group. Cutting edge design straight from the runways of Paris? Hardly.  Name brands from the best designers? Definitely not. But nerds have their niche and you saw that over the last few years with the rise of ugly sweaters at Christmas. Ugly sweater contests, ugly sweater parties, ugly sweater gift exchanges. They were everywhere. Yes, nerds made anti-fashion cool. 
Well, I think that ugly sweaters were soooooooo 2015.  The anti-fashion trend this holiday season will be ugly Christmas socks. So I've found a deal on a great set of ugly Christmas socks that you can get now, before the craze hits. Stock up now before prices go up!