The Noname Nerd Guide to Twitch Affiliate

Hitting Twitch Affiliate is one of the first major milestones in the career of a Twitch Streamer. Why is that? Hitting Twitch Affiliate is the key to unlocking direct monetization on Twitch. In order to identify which streamers should qualify for this program, they have created 4 separate qualifiers that must be reached within the same rolling 4 week period. In this guide we will break down these qualifiers AND show you how to meet them.  Including special tricks and tactics drawn from the Noname Nerd community!


  • Why streaming too much may be hurting your progress.
  • How to increase followers easily.
  • How to put the numbers in your favor.
  • The magic of the Rule of 3.

All of this is available instantly and for FREE right here!

Download The Noname Nerd Guide to Twitch Affiliate here.