10 tips on how to engage with your audience

10 tips on how to engage with your audience

With YouTube ads no longer generating the income they once earned, many gamers have switched to live streaming. However, it can be hard to create and engage a live streaming audience. With that in mind, here are 10 tips on how to engage with your audience to help your channel succeed.

  1. Build a relationship with your fans

Don't go for a concert experience but build a relationship with your fans. It is the most important tip for anyone going live game streaming. You can never match the quality of a Real concert recording or live session, so don't try to do that. You are live: interact with your fans, listen to their questions and play some music. That way, you will come across as spontaneous and show that you are available to your fans.

  1. Have a plan

Good preparation makes you feel comfortable in the first place. About the content, you decide what you want to put in your online show. Don't write everything out in a script. Leave room for improvisation. People appreciate live video because it is not 100% staged, optimized, and edited. It is a pure version of yourself and your brand or organization. So make sure you are flexible.

  1. Choose your medium

Choose your medium. Almost every social media platform offers the possibility to stream live gaming. The platform that best suits your gaming is, of course, the platform your fans are on. Where are your followers? Where do you have the most reach? Apart from that, Instagram and Facebook offer a nice extra. You can set up a shared live video via those platforms. This way, you can live stream on your profile, as well as on your friend's profile. Both your followers and the followers of the other gamer will receive a notification. And that way you reach a lot of new fans.

  1. Respond to your audience

Live streaming is a huge opportunity to make your followers feel connected to your channel. The best way you can achieve this is by stimulating discussion. Provide a chat function and respond to comments and feedback.

  1. Don't wait for an audience

Start playing immediately and continue to talk when you go online. There are several reasons for that. For example, the algorithm on Twitch or Youtube will push your video more if there is movement and things happen. In addition, people will only switch on when something is happening. More importantly, most people will see your live video in the replay. That's where you will get the most views. That is why it is necessary that you fully commit to it from the start!

  1. Audio quality

If you want to start streaming, focus on your audio. Make it sound a bit okay. You can easily connect a USB micro to your smartphone or computer to obtain a decent audio quality. Video is less significant than audio. Nobody expects a crystal clear image with a live video. Do an extensive soundcheck in advance and also test your picture. Note the lag time here, the delay between your video and audio. The more instruments, mics, and effects you want to add to your sound, the more likely you will face delays on your audio. Keep it simple is the message here!

  1. Talk to your audience before going live

Live streaming is an inclusive medium: Talk to your audience before going live. Ask the audience what they would like to see. The outcome of these conversations determines the topic of your live stream. This way, you ensure that you connect with your target group and answer people's questions.

  1. Use ads to boost your live stream.

You can boost your video at the end of your live stream. Since most of the views come from the replay, now is the perfect time to give your post an extra push. Your ad will also perform better in the algorithm as there was already organic reach. With this ad, focus on generating more views.

  1. Continue the conversation

If you sit silently playing your game live, there is little reason for others to watch you. However, keeping the conversation flowing goes a long way in engaging your audience. The best way to engage the audience is to explain your strategy while playing the game.

  1. Be consistent.

When you start live streaming, you are building something. So don't expect that you immediately have 1,000 viewers and that it goes as you hoped. You are working towards something. And you do that by live-streaming regularly. Set yourself a fixed time when you will play live.

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