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Stupid Simple Facebook Ads Setup

Stupid Simple Facebook Ads Setup

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Paid traffic is one of the most powerful ways of growing your stream.  All successful streamers are using paid ads in at least one aspect of their customer management.  Typically, these ads are managed by agencies or experts in paid traffic, which is both complicated and expensive. At the Noname Nerd, we are continuing to support small streamers by offering you the opportunity to place ads through our ads manager to our mature and seasoned audiences for flat rates. Most importantly, we make it stupid simple. You get the following:

1) An image and text of your choice in front of a custom and seasoned lookalike audience of approximately 2.5 million.

2) Traffic from Facebook, Instagram, and the entire Facebook company ad network directly to your stream!

3) Ads posted through the Noname Nerd ad account so you have no need to set up your own business manager, ad account, or payment system.

4) The benefit of our knowledge from successfully operating ads worth tens of thousands of dollars!

This package includes set up of your ad for approval by Facebook, use of a seasoned lookalike audience based on people who actually watch game and watch streams, $10 worth of traffic, and the option of recharging your ad at any time!

All you need to do is provide an image that is 1080 by 1080, the link to the website that you would like the traffic to go to, the text that you would like in the ad, and the number of days that you would like the ad to run.

Small print: We cannot guarantee traffic or results--we can put the ad in front of people, but it is up to them to click.  We also cannot prevent Facebook from rejecting ads.  We will screen ads and provide refunds for any ads that Facebook rejects.  We commit to making ad choices that drive high-quality traffic to your site, but the Noname Nerd has the final say regarding ad structure and audiences. We also reserve the right to reject any orders that we feel may violate Facebook terms of service. Any changes to ad text or images require the placement of an additional order.  You can recharge an ad at any time by placing an order here.



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