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Mega STL Pack

Mega STL Pack

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This amazing fantasy miniature STL pack is really 10 packs in 1!  It contains everything from our human cavalier, rogue, dwarf fighter, elf ranger, human wizard, ogre, human fighter, artificer, and green dragon packs all combined into one giant STL pack with over 13 gigs of hundreds of different STL files!  You won't have time to print all of these detailed fantasy miniatures!

Are you a dungeons and dragons gamer tired of throwing away your money on overpriced miniatures? We will sell you the digital 3D printer file for miniatures that are perfect for a wide variety of tabletop games. These high-quality, very-detailed digital files are perfect for use with a resin 3D printer whether you are looking to print one or two or create an entire army!

Don't own a 3D printer? That's no problem. There are services like Treatstock and many others that will provide low-price options for 3D printing.

There are many advantages to buying 3D printer files instead of miniatures.
1) It is MUCH less expensive to print miniatures than to buy them ready-made.
2) You can choose how many to print. Print one or a whole army!
3) The file is yours forever so you can grow your collection at your own pace.
4) The files are editable. With free software, you can even edit these files to create unique miniatures.
5) Wide selection. You will find a wider selection of files than you ever will find in stock at any store!

Your purchase will provide you with instant access to one or more STL files (digital 3d file) for the miniature that is pictured. Not sure how to print your miniature? Feel free to ask me (! I can recommend services that will do so quickly and affordably. If you have any questions, just let me know!

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