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Friday the 14th: Nightfall at Camp Eldritch Waters - DnD 5E One-Shot Adventure for levels 5-10

Friday the 14th: Nightfall at Camp Eldritch Waters - DnD 5E One-Shot Adventure for levels 5-10

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🎃 Spooky Camp Adventure D&D 5E One-Shot - "Friday the 13th Parody" - Levels 5-10 - Digital Download 🎃
Are you ready to immerse your party in a thrilling homage to the legendary slasher films of the '80s, masterfully interwoven with classic D&D mystique?

🔥 Adventure Synopsis:
Set in the enchanted Camp Eldritch Waters, a nurturing ground for budding magic wielders, your party arrives as guest instructors just as the boundary between realms thins, unearthing a vengeful spirit from a forgotten tale. Dive deep into an action-packed narrative filled with twists, terrifying foes, and vibrant locales, ranging from mystical cabins to an arcane boathouse and an eerie forest harboring secrets of the ancient druidic past. At the heart of the turmoil lies Jarkor the Drowned, a corrupted druid seeking vengeance from beyond the grave.

⚔️ Highlights:
-Spine-chilling antagonist: Face off against the formidable Jarkor the Drowned, a being of potent necrotic magic and brute strength.
-Rich lore: Uncover druidic tales, encounter spirits of yore, and unveil the tragic backstory of a fallen druid through immersive narrative elements.
-Engaging puzzle elements: Solve riddles and collect ritual components in a race against time to seal away the vengeful spirit.

💫 Features:
-Well-Defined NPCs: From Marlan Leafwhisper, the camp's archdruid, to the brave young mages, immerse in rich interactions with a diverse cast of characters.
-Detailed Setting: Navigate a beautifully depicted summer camp with distinct areas that offer both beauty and danger.
-For D&D 5E: Designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and suited for character levels 5-10.
-3-5 Hours of Gameplay: Perfect for a one-shot session filled with excitement, mystery, and heroic endeavors.

💎 Rewards Aplenty:
Gift your heroes with unique magical items and treasures as they emerge victorious, ready for their next adventure with new gear and a tale that will echo through ages.

PDF Adventure Module: A detailed guide containing all necessary information to run this one-shot, inclusive of NPC details, location descriptions, and item statistics.

Immerse your party in a story of vengeance, courage, and mystical lore. Prepare for a haunting escapade where every decision counts and the boundaries between good and evil blur in the moonlit night. Download your gateway to adventure and face the terror of Camp Eldritch Waters!
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