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Dihydrogen Monoxide Bottle

Dihydrogen Monoxide Bottle

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This bottle has been specially designed to safely carry the chemical dihydrogen monoxide. This colorless and odorless chemical compound is a commonly available solvent that has a variety of well-known effects, from accelerating corrosion and causing suffocation. Inhaling of this chemical compound is sure to cause coughing and may even lead to death. It is even a major factor in environmental problems from soil erosion to acid rain. As the warning label on this bottle attests, hydroxylic acid should only be used in appropriate containers and used with caution. For more facts about dihydrogen monoxide, go to

For the record, dihydrogen monoxide is really just good old water or H2O. Get your chemistry nerd on with this funny metal water bottle that is great for staying hydrated while you are on the go.

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