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The Noname Nerd

Noname Nerd Community Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

Noname Nerd Community Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

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The Noname Nerd Community was created in 2018 and this 1 of 1 collection is dedicated to the diverse community of nerds that are working to create a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment for nerds of ALL kinds. Nerds Belong Here. You can always join for free at
View the entire collection here:


Collection Details:
  • Each NFT is 1 of 1 for a total of 10,000
  • NFT are on the Polygon blockchain and viewable and tradable on
  • First sales of these NFT will take place ONLY on the Noname Nerd website.  You only need a digital wallet to order one--no complicated exchanging of cryptocurrency necessary!
Win up to $250 if your NFT unlocks a Loot Chest!


Three NFT have been randomly selected to win up to $250 from the Loot Chest!  All you need to do is go to with your NFT in a digital wallet such as Metamask and you will be able to instantly find out if you are a winner.  Get up to $250 in cash just for owning the right NFT!  (Please note that Loot Chests have only been tested with NFT in Metamask wallets as Chrome extensions).


Why support this project?
We have a pre-existing community.  We aren't starting from scratch.  Our Discord Server has over 2,500 members ('s based on real Nerds coming together to share interests and, yes, lots of discussion about food.  Our private Facebook group has almost 9,000 members (
We are backed by a real company.  This isn't a fly-by-night operation that is put together by someone in a basement who is going to take your money and run.  We are a real company that has demonstrated that we can build community and are invested in our community over the long haul. 
We have values.  The diversity of this collection highlights our commitment to creating a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive digital space for all types of nerds.  Join us!
Road Map
November 2021:  Offer first round of sales and free distribution to existing community members.  Details on how to get your free NFT are at  Limit of one free NFT per community member.
December 15, 2021:  Reveal the identity of the Noname Nerds!  (DONE!)
This project is meant to provide community members with a unique, but united, digital NFT identity.  First sales will only be conducted here and all community members will have the option of getting their first NFT for free (subsequent NFTs will be limited to only $4.99 and prices will not be changed until we are sold out.)  
Sales of all 10,000 in the collection will lead to the development of a second-generation collection so that Noname Nerd community members will continue to have unique, but united, digital fingerprints.
This project is being run by the Noname Nerd using a global team of developers and artists.  The Noname Nerd has been in operation for 3 years and focused on merchandise for streamers, gamers, and content creators.  We are super excited to be taking our talents into the realm of digital collectibles.  We have an established (and growing) community which you can join at 

After you place your order, we will mint your NFT and transfer it to the ETH address that you listed.  Please be sure to provide the correct address as NFT cannot be recovered after they are sent. Please note that this involves some manual steps so may take 48 to 72 hours.  We will email you when your NFT has been created. 

Payment is accepted in fiat or crypto-just select Coinbase Ecommerce at checkout to pay in crypto.

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