Pride Month 2021

ALL Nerds Belong Here.

Here at the Noname Nerd, when we say that "Nerds Belong Here" we mean that ALL Nerds Belong Here. And that's something we take very seriously.

Why do we care?

This spring, the Noname Nerd Community Management team committed to helping our community through the mental health struggles we're all dealing with, especially with the trauma of the pandemic over the course of the last year. As we were looking into community resources, we noticed some alarming stats, especially among LGBTQ+ youth. Here's the most alarming stat we've pulled from The Trevor Project's research:

"42% of LGBTQ youth, including more than half of transgender and nonbinary youth, seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year. Yet, nearly half could not access the mental health care they desired."

What a place to start! The Trevor Project provides mental health and community resources for this incredibly vulnerable community, and we are absolutely happy to support them!

Here is our commitment for June:

$10 from each order for our limited-edition Nerd Pride Rainbow Gamer Jersey will be donated to The Trevor Project (

3% of all sales in the entire month will be donated to The Trevor Project.

We will be coordinating streams to raise money for The Trevor Project and YOU can get involved!  Just go to our Discord Server for details (  Look for channel #ttp-tips.

Yours Truly,

Brian, owner and CEO

P.S.  Special thanks to Joe for helping to organize these events.