Five reasons nerds will rule the zombie apocalypse

5 reasons Nerds will rule the Zombie Apocalypse


Nerds are always prepared

Here's the thing about Nerds, we are always thinking. We are going through different scenarios in our minds and when the sh*t hits the fan, we are ready to go. You will be ready to go too with this bracelet. It has everything from a light and compass to a small blade and whistle. You will be ready for anything that the zombie horde is dishes up.

Nerds can fix stuff
Once civilization collapses, you won't be able to head to Walmart to buy a replacement. In fact, it seems likely that some skills doing minor repairs will be easy to trade for a few cans of food and bottles of water among survivors.  Nerds will have a unique and important role in the new world order. This tool will help you play that role.

Nerds are practical

Sure, we know how to celebrate the important events, like Christmas; however, we are practical about it. Nerds always choose form over function. Well, except when it comes to things like cosplay. In any case, here's an awesome Christmas stocking that places function over form.

Nerds watch a lot of zombie shows
I'm not saying that binge watching the Walking Dead or Z-Nation is all that it takes to prepare for the living dead destroying our cities. It certainly doesn't hurt though! I mean, compared to most people, nerds wil at least have a sense of what to expect, whether it's how to battle the undead or simply how to deal with humans as traditional social bonds unravel.

Nerds have been waiting for this day for a long time

Let's be honest here. Nerds often don't fit in at school, work, even at home. We've been waiting for the end of the world to really shine. In factt, I am pretty sure that some Nerds have even been hoping for the collapse of society so that they can really do their thing. Where other people see problems, Nerds see opportunity. The zombie apocolype is just another example of this.

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