Five Boy Cave Essential Decorations!

Five Boy Cave Essential Decorations


Gamer throw pillows

These are an essential part of any Boy Cave. They set the tone and are great for lounging on or covering up dirty laundry. These are great quality with print on two sides.  They come in five sizes so can fit in anywhere!

Stormtrooper clock
Any true Nerd or Geek would be thrilled to have this unique gift adorn their wall. Made with retro styling out of record vinyl with gears showing in the middle, this will help gamers keep track of time and show off their love of all things Star Wars!

Building block light

Soft lights are best so as to not interfere with the light shining from the TV. These are perfect and allow for the creative Nerd to put their skills to use. These can also be used as picture frames!

Collectable display case
These are a staple of all true Nerds. Rare collectables can't just be stuck on shelves.  They need cases to display them while protecting them from dust (and younger siblings).  Boy Caves need several!

Floating picture frame

Of course, magic is little more than science that is difficult to explain. This floating picture frame looks like magic and is sure to delight larger kids and mystify younger kids while highlighting picture of loved ones or family vacations. It is a Boy Cave essential!

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