The Must Play Retro Video Games from the 1980s

The Must Play Retro Video Games from the 1980s

The 1980s were a legendary time for the video game business because many manufacturers were just starting to really focus on graphics way seriously, but had not lost track of the importance of game play. No wonder many people call the 80s the birth place of video games. As it gathers there were a lot of games being played during the 1980s, but only a few got famous and become the legendary franchises, to name a few let’s start from the most amazing one;

Super Mario Bros

Two brother against the most vicious beasts, dragons and creatures, making their way out as they continue to pass each stage and get close to the victory. Super Mario Bros is the most celebrated and played video game of the 1980, no wonder Mario became the ultimate hero of the kids back there. It was a huge advancement for the video gaming back there as the concept was new and trying to make its way to the young population back there, which this game actually did, it fascinated the gamers and introduced them to the new class of games other than board games. This is where retrogames started to revolutionize the entire industry.


For anyone looking for a hard brainstorming or devising on-board strategy to clear a particular level, this is the game which they should be looking for. PAC MAN is an all-time classic, with funny small creatures and tricky maps to leave you astounded. As soon as they released PAC MAN in Japan, people fell in love with the concept.

The basic strategy remains the same which is to fee your player, help it grow and get in no contact with the other Vs. creatures taking part in the game. As soon as you hit them your chance to proceed further in the game gets wasted. PAC MAN enjoys a continuous likeability and passion from the players to the present day.

Legend of Zelda

Now how we can forget about this all-time classic and adventure-based retro game? Gamers found this game as the most competitive and first of its own kind in storytelling and Arcade genre from all other video games. Basic concept was to provide the gamers with first-person arcade adventure which this game surely provided.

Final Fantasy

Started as the World’s first RPG (Role Playing Game), final fantasy surely took its toll on the gamers from 1980s. Think about providing someone with endless possibilities on land, missions, and other side activities, it would be an ultimately cool place for them. And surely Final Fantasy was for the gamers around 1980.

Missile Command

Many people would recognize this retro game as the first one they ever played, this is why

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