The Biggest Video Game Releases in 2019

The Biggest Video Game Releases in 2019

These back few years have been the most promising and splendid when it gets to the new releases for games, some major installments hit their respective franchises, and a few new games were also developed and introduced to the gamers. 2019 is going to be no different; there are tons of games ought to be released in 2019 which will simply blow your brains out;

The Resident Evil 2

Shocking isn’t it? We reached resident Evil 7 and now all the way back to the Resident Evil 2? Well, the simplest explanation is the demand for a remake which the developers will soon giveaway in the form of new resident evil 2. Gamers will be simply blown away because CAPCOM is coming up with major story fixers as well as improved experience throughout this instalment. Simply it would be Leon all over again, fighting a dense crowd of apocalyptic zombies in order to survive. The game would be launched come January 2019 and will be released for all the major gaming consoles including PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch as well.


The new Sci-Fi based open world, third-person shooting game with immersive graphics is the new Anthem which takes the gamers to a new valley of unlimited possibilities. Play alone or choose groups, play in Arcade modes or go multiplayer, this game provides extensive support to the multitude of gamers. Also, another compelling factor is attention to detail and free world style which is adapted by this game; you can literally explore anything go beyond any horizons and choose your favourite gameplay from the whole game. This game will hit opening early February 2019.

Devil May Cry 5

The franchise which within itself is very enthusiastic and based over the ninja fighting styles, devil may cry 5 is going to be an all-new installation to the DMC franchise. Promise has been shown that the story would be elongated and new characters will be introduced in this game, you would probably get a touchy storyline with brand-new artillery to fight your enemies.

Jedi: Fallen Order

And finally, we have a brand-new game for Star Wars franchise, which is going to blow the mind of gamers with extensive graphics as well as the immersive Star Wars universe, it would be incredible to have a specific role played for Star Wars, the gamers will go crazy about it. However, we have no information regarding the genre, the plot as well as the storyline for the game. As one can infer from the title it has to do with Jedi, but will there be Darth Vader? Well, it is all mystery, for now, the game will hit distribution somewhere in 2019.

The Division 2

In order to save and survive the tension which seems to pull up as in The Division, Division 2 focuses over the same issue. The third person shooting with immersive touch to survival will be released early March 2019. War has taken over the lands you will have to work in order with your online or ground friends to take back what is yours.

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