The Best Movies for Gamers

Not all video games made into movies suck. In fact  a game signed and produced into a film; it is a heaven for gamers in which they can probably live forever. There is an abundance of movies being produced which were officially introduced as games, here we will be discussing the most famous and splendid movies which rocked the world for gamers. So, without further ado let us dive right in;
Originated from the video games and reached the big picture, Assassins creed ins the marvellous and most splendid orientation of a game well-sought and played into a big motion picture, one of its own kind. The film generally revolves around the basic criticism between the Brotherhood and the Templars, where an assassin shall rise from the brotherhood to compete with the opponent templar and retrieve the apple of Eden back from the Templars. The game "Assassins Creed" enjoyed many splendid years of glory and animus packed action, with the movie being released the franchise seems to be shooting at a far higher pace.
The list won't be able to continue without the addition of "Warcraft" in it, the movie originating from an all-time-favourite game "Warcraft" takes the gamers into a world of vivid imagination and extremely rich graphics over the bright side. Enjoying its glory as the world's most enjoyed and played gaming franchise the turning of this game into a movie was an ultimate risk, but the one worth taken for and executed perfectly as well. The movie narrates the tale of two leaders from very distinctive worlds brought face to face to challenge the succession and survival of only one; they shall fight with glory and scorch their way through the war to get peace for their nations.
Sands, old-beliefs and myths as well as Eagerly passionate time rewinding prince, if it isn't the classic Prince of Persia itself. This video game enjoyed many years of excellence and creativity along various gamers and was finally signed up as an effort to turn it into a movie. The movie depicts the same story as of the game that to stop something bizarre and over-powered the prince of Persia would have to take serious actions, roam through the deserts, pursuing adventures and rewinding time if it comes to that. The gaming community utterly fell in love with the idea and cherished this movie for a long time.
One brave girl, left to the mercy of her fate, separated from her crew she would have to find ways to get back to them, fighting the whole wilderness, wild creatures and human interveners as well. Lara Croft or Tomb Raider is an all-time action-packed game which got taken up for a movie. This freight down the movie might open new connections and storylines for the games of similar franchises. However, gamers enjoyed all sights of this movie as it got them under its spell.
A simply engineered virus, contaminating the humans all over the earth and changing them into vicious zombies, this is the classic Resident Evil for you. If you have played the game then you are going to love the movie no matter what. Because the movie offers a far more stretched and in-depth variety of content to the audience, while on the bright side having all the heroes or characters from the game, to fight and save the earth.