New Noname Nerd Brand Ambassadors

It is with distinct pleasure that I welcome Joe #TeamBIGBITE, N3-FluffyJrFBTV also Twitch, and Phazer0nest as new Noname Nerd Brand Ambassadors.  This is an invitation-only status and really requires some explanation into the start of the company itself.  During some of the early iterations of the company, I realized that I needed to find people who really represented the community that I wanted to build around the company. I'd been investing in marketing, but felt like in many cases dollars were flowing out with few returns. I decided that, rather than reaching out broadly, I would go looking for people who seemed to have the characteristics that represented the brand. I focused at first on Instagram and reached out directly to people who I would be proud to support and, I hoped, would be proud to support the company as well. The first brand ambassadors were the small group of people who really picked up the mantel and helped me out with everything from feedback on product development to promotional ideas to just chatting on some evenings. They were, to me, the cultural heart of the company and really helped shape the brand identity of the Noname Nerd. You will still see some of them on Discord and they still chat on Instagram.

The challenges that we have all confronted during COVID-19 has been an interesting one in the evolution of Noname Nerd because, despite the many difficulties, tragedies, and deaths, I think that it has also been a period that has allowed us to rethink community and perhaps even given us a new appreciation for personal relationships.  And, of course, much of this has been online.  I don't know if this is what drove the growth of the online communities these past few months.  Perhaps it was the strengthened brand identity that grew from the first set of Brand Ambassadors.  Perhaps it was because I had additional free time and spent a lot of it in front of a computer.  Likely it was all of the above.  In any case, the community has grown rapidly in these few months and I genuinely feel like the Noname Nerd community is a place filled with good, supportive, people. It is a community that people want to belong to and one that people enjoy spending time in. That's a pretty incredible thing.

One of the things that I have learned is that building such a community takes work. Hard work. It takes patience. It takes the development of fair and reasonable rules and people to communicate those rules. It takes people to mediate conflict and, on some occasions, the necessary dropping of a hammer. It's something that I could not have done alone. I've been lucky to have found some amazing Admins who have a great skill set, an amazing vision for the community, and who have taught me a great deal about how to create a great online community. They have really built this community into what it is today (despite my occasional faiul.)

There are some perks to being a Brand Ambassador, but the truth it isn't a program--it is a title.  It is a title for people who have made meaningful contributions to the Noname Nerd community through their time and effort. It is a title for people who have often taught me about how to build and support the community.  It is a title for people who exemplify what it means to be a Nerd.  And we wouldn't have the best damn community of Nerds on internet without the contributions of these Brand Ambassadors. Congratulations to Joe #TeamBIGBITE (, N3-FluffyJrFBTV also Twitch (, and Phazer0nest (!