New Brand Ambassadors!  QueenFizz, Breen, Gatorceri!

New Brand Ambassadors! QueenFizz, Breen, Gatorceri!

The Noname Nerd brand is built upon the Noname Nerd community.  The truth is that there is no company without the community (well, it would be here, I guess but not as amazing.)  Don't get me wrong--I am proud of the products that we offer.  However, when people think of the Noname Nerd, they think of more than just our products.  They think of what it means to be part of an inclusive and accepting community, what it means to be among people with shared interests who pursue then in a positive and supportive manner, and what it means to have a great group of people to hang out with!

As some of you know, you cannot apply to become a Brand Ambassador for the Noname Nerd.  It is an honor that is granted to nerds who have made positive and ongoing contributions to our communities.  They are people who don't just represent the brand, but represent who we want our communities to be.  They aren't just representatives--they are leaders.

It is with this in mind that I am pleased to grant Brand Ambassador status to three very deserving Nerds: QueenFizz, Breen, and Gatorceri. QueenFizz has been a powerhouse in helping to develop and lead our esports program.  Breen is always there with a kind word (or, if necessary, a baseball bat) to help support our community.  Gatorceri is not only an integral part of our community, but seems to keep finding her way onto our ads as well. They are all part of the foundation of leadership that keeps makes this community amazing.

I invite you all to drop by their streams to get to know them.  They are wonderful people!




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