Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm pretty excited about the upcoming holiday. It's one of my favorites because it is all about family and food. It doesn't have the same pressure and materialistic orientation of Christmas. At the same time it comes at a time when we all need a break. My office has been slow, to say the least, these last few days. 

And, of course, Black Friday is around the corner.  Last year, US retailers earned $7.9 billion dollars on the day after Thanksgiving. Hey, I'm a retailer too and I'd like a piece of that pie! I'll post a few deep discounts here so make sure to check in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I have a confession to make. This is a small operation and we'll mostly be spending the time with our families (maybe even doing a little shopping ourselves.)

I encourage you to do the same. Save a few dollars at the big sales, but also spend some time playing board games with your kids and talking with your parents and grandparents. Browse online for sales, but also unplug and watch the snow drift down and be grateful for the warm house that you have. Remember, that this is a time to appreciate what we have and not simply to fill the gaps in what we don't yet have.


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