Gamer Warz: Sportswear for Electronic Athletes

For those of you who have been following the development of my little company for a while, you know that our mantra has been "Nerds belong here."  The reason for this is that I feel like society still struggles to embrace the geek, the nerd, the intellectual, the socially awkward. As I have engaged in this entrepreneurial enterprise, that's been my guide as I have gone through the ups and downs of learning to run a business. Thanks to the support of family and our growing group of Brand Ambassadors, I have been very pleased to see the Noname Nerd grow and evolve and, really develop a personality of its own. It's a personality that I am very proud of as I have seen our private Facebook page grow to over 5,000 likes (, our Instagram following now exceeds 3,000 (, our very active private Facebook group has over 2,000 members (, and our newest enterprise, our Discord server, starting to grow as well ( These communities of nerds have showcased creativity, humor, and mutual support in ways that have made me proud.


It's why I'm very excited that we are now offering a new line of eSports Jerseys called Gamer Warz ( (pronounced gamer wearz).  Put simply, this is sportswear for electronic athletes. These are designs that are inspired by some of your favorite video games and custom made for the Noname Nerd and only available here. They are made of extremely high quality, athletic quality material and, best of all, they are fully customizable on the front and back. Add your gamer tag, a number, even your own logo to any of the jerseys. We've even included some "blank" jerseys if you are a creative nerd who wants to start from scratch.


One of our customers made a comment to me the week before the Superbowl that we were glad to finally have a jersey that represented him to wear when the other college students in his dorm were wearing jerseys from their favorite teams.  To me, that really spoke to my motivation behind the Gamer Warz collection. Sports and competition are an important part of our culture. There's nothing wrong with that. But how about those who prefer competitions that are electronic and not on a football field or basketball court?  What about people who enjoy both?  The Gamer Warz line is for people like that. It is the opportunity for nerds to showcase what they love while having the opportunity to personalize it in a way that highlights what makes them unique. In other words, it helps them belong while still being themselves. 

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