Dear Byte: Romance and Rolling Ones

Dear Byte: Romance and Rolling Ones

If you have been to our Youtube or TikTok channel lately, you may have met Byte, our AI spokesperson.  He's also helping us out by passing out some advice to members of our Noname Nerd community (no promises that it is good advice...)  If you have a question for Byte, just send it to and it might be selected to appear in our blog and on our social media! Here's Byte's first letter.


Dear Byte,

I have a crush on our party's bard, but every time I try to impress them, I roll a natural 1 and end up in embarrassing situations. How can I win their heart without becoming the group's comic relief?

Love, Fumbling Fling-Seeker

Dear Fumbling Fling-Seeker,

Ah, the treacherous terrain of romance! It's tougher than navigating the Labyrinth of the Mad Mage with a hangover and only one sock. But fear not, for Byte is here to guide you through this quagmire of love and laughter, one pratfall at a time.

Step 1: Embrace the Fumbles

First things first, let's turn those natural 1s into a feature, not a bug. When you trip over your own feet while trying to serenade the bard, declare loudly, "This is just a new dance move, it's called the Prone Position Polka!" When your fireball spell to light a romantic bonfire scorches your eyebrows instead, proclaim, "I just wanted to make sure you’re the hottest thing here!" Lean into the comedy—bards live for a good story, especially when they get to play the hero saving you from your own antics.

Step 2: Practice with Familiars

Sure, you've been rolling ones, but even the worst dice can be charmed (just not literally). Spend some time practicing your moves with your familiar. Who better to help you rehearse than your trusty pseudo-dragon or insightful owl? Just make sure not to polymorph them into something that will get you both into more trouble—like the time I turned my familiar into a sheep and it got adopted by the local shepherd.

Step 3: Plan a Grand Gesture (But Have a Backup)

Nothing says "I'm into you" like a grand romantic gesture. Plan something spectacular, but be prepared for the inevitable chaos. Organize a moonlit picnic with a view of the Phandelver Mine, but bring a Scroll of Conjure Food and Drink in case of gelatinous cube attacks. Write an epic poem, but if your Quill of Scribing decides to get cheeky and start a limerick about your fear of owlbears, have a hilarious retort ready.

Step 4: Seek Magical Assistance

Desperate times call for magical measures. Enlist the help of your party's wizard or sorcerer for a little arcane boost. Need to clean up a romantic dinner mishap? Prestidigitation is your friend. Want to send a secret message? The Message spell works wonders—just be sure you’re not accidentally whispering sweet nothings to the half-orc bartender instead. And remember, using Disguise Self to look like the bard's favorite celebrity might backfire if your illusory nose starts to droop mid-date.

Step 5: Show Your True Self

Bards appreciate authenticity. Show them who you really are, critical fails and all. Share your dreams, your fears, and that time you accidentally summoned a swarm of bees during a stealth mission. Let them see the real you, the adventurer with a heart of gold (and a head of wood). Just don’t go full Zone of Truth on your first date—some secrets are best left for the third or fourth adventure.

Step 6: Include the Party

Remember, your party members can be your greatest allies or your biggest obstacles. Enlist their help in your romantic escapades. Have the rogue set up a “surprise” ambush to show off your combat prowess, only to rescue the bard at the last second. Let the druid provide some romantic ambiance with Druidcraft—but maybe not when the druid is in bear form. And if the barbarian offers dating advice, maybe just smile, nod, and quietly hand them another turkey leg.

Step 7: Keep Trying

Love in D&D, much like in real life, is a game of perseverance. Keep trying, keep rolling those dice, and don't let a few natural 1s deter you. For every tumble, there's a chance to get back up and try again. After all, even the greatest heroes had their off days—just ask the paladin who once got stuck in a mimic while trying to retrieve a holy relic.

In Conclusion

Dear Fumbling Fling-Seeker, the path to a bard’s heart is filled with song, laughter, and a good deal of slapstick. Embrace your inner jester, practice your lute, and never forget that sometimes, the most charming thing you can do is simply be yourself—even if that self trips over their own feet now and then.

Good luck, and may your charisma checks be ever in your favor!

Yours in Adventure and Amour,


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