Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?

I have a confession to make. In addition to loving zombie movies and shows from the Walking Dead and Z Nation to Zombieland and World War Z, I sometimes think about what I would do in case of a zombie apocalypse. Given the wide range of products, books, and even services related to this I know I'm not the only one. But, as a rational, logical nerd, does it really make sense? Is there really a logical reason to prepare for something that is unlikely to happen and, at least in TV and movies, filled with really problematic plot elements (such as the law of thermodynamics)?

Well, yes and no. I don't really think that the undead will rise up and threaten to take over the world. However, I do think that it is possible to appreciate the functionality and practicality of items and to prepare for emergencies without turning into a paranoid survivalist. In honor of Halloween, we've started carrying Zombie Bite Proof Jackets. Why? Because it is freaking funny to sell jackets that are able to withstand the hungry chompers of the undead. Also, because these things are built with a lining that will withstand significant cuts, stabs, and abrasions. That is what you need if you are riding a motorcycle, working in rough parts of the woods, or perhaps strolling through a tough part of town. See what I'm saying? There really is a practical benefit to the jackets.

I think of that as I'm daydreaming about battles with hordes of the undead. A case of water in my garage would certainly benefit me in the apocalypse, but it will also benefit me if there is a major power outage and I lose access to water. That first aid kit may or may not help a zombie bite, but it will certainly come in handy with household accidents. That ax in the garage is just as useful for dealing with debris from a particularly bad storm. So, even if zombies are only in the TV and movies, we can still benefit from the practical benefits of preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

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