2 Hours of Personalized Stream Optimization

The Noname Nerd

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Do you want to start streaming and getting overwhelmed by the thousands of settings and options for your setup?  Have you been streaming, but struggling to dial in your settings to get the professional sound and look that you want?

It's time to take your stream to the next level with up to 2 hours of personalized one-on-one, remote coaching!

If you want more viewership or a way to enhance those who are already watching your stream, this package is perfect for you! Enhancing your audio quality is one of the most looked over pieces of streaming success! Pair this along with visual fidelity of quality, bitrate, settings, and more you can ensure your viewers will get not only an amazing viewing experience but you will also use fewer resources from your computer while streaming when OBS/Streamlabs/Streamelements is set up correctly!

Key Points Covered:
-OBS Settings
-NVENC Psycho Visual Tuning
-Look-ahead tuning
-Max B-Frames
-Preset and Profile settings
-Bitrate testing and compiling
-Best possible visuals within PC & Internet parameters
-Proper setup of Sample Rates
-Better Noise Gates
-Audio Ducking Techniques
-2 Hours Max
-AnyDesk Remote Login Service REQUIRED (Free)

All of these and more are included in this exclusive package offered by the Noname Nerd!

We are pleased to be partnering with streamers who have spent the better half of a decade and have helped several eSports professionals and large businesses come together to provide the best online live experiences around.  If you are looking for someone to walk you through the optimization of YOUR set up, this service is for you!

How does it work?  After placing your order, you will receive a link that will allow you to schedule your one-on-one coaching session.  You will be assigned a professional who will connect with you online to talk with you about your streaming setup and will work with you to ensure that your equipment is set up for maximum performance.  He will use AnyDesk Remote Login Service to help walk you through the settings and spend up to 2 hours with you ensuring that your stream will look and sound professional.

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