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The Noname Nerd

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Deciding what to have for dinner is an eternal challenge for us all. In fact, this collection has over 6 MILLION potential food combinations involving a drink, main dish, two side dishes, and dessert (of course). From pad thai to hot dogs, from rice to peas, from vodka to sushi, you won't be disappointed in this collection. There are even a few less than savory options on the menu (I'll be honest, a couple are just gross). The real question is, how much do you have room to eat?

Each image is a mini-meal of 160x160 pixels in a collection of 10,000 images. These are 1 of 1 NFT so yours will be one of a kind.  You don't get to choose which foods you get--this collection is a game of probability. What are the chances that you will get two matching side dishes? What are the chances that you will get the super-rare chicken and waffles main dish? What are the chances that you even like jello? This collection is brought to you by the food nerds at the Noname Nerd.

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