Lotus Blossom NFT



From somewhere inside Brian's brain.  ONLY ONE OF THESE NFT IS FOR SALE.  This is a one-of-a-kind art NFT that is a generative art piece created using the VQGAN + CLIP method.  It was created personally by Brian through many iterations of experimentation with different AI generative art methods and tweaking of the settings.

"The symbolism of lotus flowers in Asian culture is one of beauty that stems from growth through the muck. I've tried to capture the idea that great things can come from humble beginnings with imagery that starts barren before blossoming into a single lotus flower that shatters into many bright lights. This is meant to reflect the possibilities of bringing out the good in others as well. This one took me multiple iterations for technical reasons and also as I am learning how slightly different keywords and even changing the strength of the keywords on the AI can alter the final product."

After you place your order, we will transfer it to the ETH address that you listed.  Please note that this involves some manual steps so may take 48 to 72 hours.  We will email you when your NFT has been created. 

Payment is accepted in fiat or crypto--just select Coinbase Ecommerce at checkout to pay in crypto.

Gas fees are included in the price, but please be sure that you have entered the correct ETH address as NFT cannot be recovered after transfer.