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Gamer Rations FREE Sample

Gamer Rations FREE Sample

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**We are providing a limited number of free samples of this product as we refine our recipe.  Do you want to help us try it out?  Just order a free bar here and then email me at or tag me on Instagram to let me know how it tasted!  We need honest reviews because we are still perfecting our recipe!**

With the rapid growth of esports as a field of competition from high school to professional levels, esports athletes are starting to take all elements of training seriously, including nutrition. While the physical demands of esports are not the same as other sports, successful athletes must maintain mental focus and fast reflexes over long periods. Training to keep this mental and physical edge requires a carefully balanced nutritional regime. You can read more about the importance of nutrition and esports here:

At the Noname Nerd we have partnered with nutritionists to develop a nutritional bar that meets the demands of esports athletes with just the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to sustain mental focus and fast reflexes. Whey powder provides lasting energy while almond butter adds healthy fats to the mix.  Coffee and guarana give eports athletes the mental focus for late nights of training. Furthermore, the addition of hemp hearts provides some filling fiber that helps ensure these bars are both tasty and delicious. These are real food bars for real gamers.

These bars are made in small batches with a shelf life of 60 to 90 days (we recommend keeping them in the refrigerator to prolong shelf life, but this isn't necessary).

Please allow approximately 2 weeks for us to make each batch and ship them to you. These only ship to the USA.

Please note that the bar labels are a prototype and the actual product will not have the same packaging. We are still test marketing these with small batch production. The nutrition and ingredients label is accurate.

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