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Did you know that the average American household uses a roll of toilet paper every 5 days?  A real nerd would know that.  Did you also know that 7% of Americans steal toilet paper from hotels?  Learn more toilet facts like this here:  In the meantime, stop stealing toilet paper.  We'll give you over a month of toilet paper for free!  We'll ship 6 rolls to your house ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

What's the catch?  Well, we're giving out toilet paper in exchange for publicity.  In exchange for free toilet paper every month, you must be willing to make at least one post on social media with the following text "The Noname Nerd gave me a month of free toilet paper! Get yours at #nonamenerd".  That's one post a month in exchange for 30 days of FREE TOILET PAPER.

Do you want free toilet paper for the year?  Just make a post every 30 days and we'll send you 6 more rolls!

Shipping is extra and you cannot receive more than 6 rolls per household per 30 days.