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Dungeon Master Keycap

Dungeon Master Keycap

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Are you the puppet master who is setting the stage and pulling the levels behind the scenes?  Are you the one telling the tales and rolling the dice?  Are you the dungeon master?  Well, then you need this keycap on your keyboard!

There are three options for finish.  "Unfinished Resin" is untouched with some rough edges and perfect for someone who wants to do all the painting themselves.  "Single-Coat Gun Metal Gray" is finished in basic metal paint for a simple, finished look.  "Hand-Painted Antique Steel" has been hand-painted with three coats including primer, base-coat, shading, and accent dry brushing to create a unique look that accentuates the details of the miniature.

This is a decorative keycap designed to fit a Cherry MX Switch on a mechanical keyboard. We don't recommend you use them for commonly used keys, but they are great ways to liven up your keyboard as Esc or Function keys.  They are also great charms to keep on your desk as well!  Each keycap is carefully packed and shipped from Michigan in a reusable protective case.

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