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You can become a Noname Nerd Affiliate for FREE  by joining the Noname Nerd Collaborative.  Not only can you get paid as an affiliate, but you will have all of your social media linked in our Noname Nerd Collaborative Directory.  We pledge that directory listings will remain free indefinitely now and into the future. It is part of our pledge to support creative Nerds and help Nerds network with other Nerds.


  • No cost to you
  • Personal affiliate link that allows you to earn 10% from all sales
  • Paid traffic sent directly to the directory
  • Great place to find other Nerds to collaborate with
  • Can remain in the directory indefinitely


  • Only links are provided
  • Paid traffic is not keyword targeted
  • No merch is included

Once you purchase your affiliation (no payment is required for the free plan), you will be emailed your link to sign up to start earning money from each sale!

Because Nerds belong here.