Ucohero FAQ

What is a Ucohero?
A Ucohero is a unique, custom-made, original superhero that is based on your ideas! 
What does a Ucohero cost?
Ucohero stories are created for FREE.  We encourage you to play with the form and create a story that you feel captures the essence of your Ucohero.  If you are interested in a unique, custom, and original full-color digital picture of your Ucohero, the cost is $19.99. 
What is my Ucohero picture?
These pictures are unique, custom, and original hand-drawn pictures that are based on the form that you filled out to create your Ucohero. They are digital images that will be emailed directly to the address that you provided. Each Ucohero is custom drawn by hand based on your answers.  Each Ucohero is a similar style based on Japanese chibi animation; however, no two Ucoheroes are alike.
Is my Ucohero unique?
YES!  No two Ucoheroes are alike. While they are all based on Japanese chibi animation, each Ucohero is hand drawn on demand. When you order your Ucohero picture, we register your Ucohero's characteristics and pictures in our register and provide you with a unique ID number that is only for YOUR Ucohero.
How long will it take me to get my Ucohero picture?
Since each Ucohero is hand drawn, it will take 7 to 10 days.
What can I do with my Ucohero picture?
Whatever you want!  The digital image is yours to use in social media, print, whatever you want!
What if I don't like what my Ucohero looks like?
While we do our best to ensure that your Ucohero is something that is what you like, you can request one revision of your Ucohero. If you are unsatisfied with your revision, we will provide a full refund to requests made within 30 days. Just contact brian@nonamenerd.com.