Team Affiliates

I would like my esports team to be affiliated with the Noname Nerd.  Can I do that?

The answer is sort of yes and sort of no.  Most teams do not exist as a legal business entity (e.g. a LLC) so we are not currently forming affiliate partnership with any teams. BUT...

We are more than happy to form affiliate partnerships with individual representatives of a team!

How does that work?

One member of a team simply needs volunteer to serve as the team representative and to fill out an Affiliate Application on behalf of the team. This means that the representative will be responsible for communication between the team and the Noname Nerd, sharing opportunities for free merch and discounts with the team, and maintaining the Affiliate Portal for the team (the Portal is where teams can get a referral link and unique coupon code.)

What about team jerseys?

Teams can use their referral link to create their own team jerseys and to get a discount for all the jerseys that they order. If teams want to create a design that they can themselves sell, all you need to do is order one jersey (for instance with the team logo). Then, we make some edits to make your jersey appear in the store and send you will get a unique link that you can use to create more team jerseys, sell as your official team jersey, whatever you want!  You can learn more about the process here.

What about team commissions?

The team representative would also be responsible for creating and maintaining the referral link and the coupon code that is unique to the team. That also means that all payments would go to the team representative so that person would also be responsible for transferring funds that are generated to the team (or to use it to pay for team activities.) Remember, if all the members of a team promote a single referral link then they will be able to work together and generate more funds for the team!

What if my team representative changes?

Please email The old team representative will need to cancel their Affiliate agreement by deleting their Affiliate Portal account and then a new team member would need to submit an application to serve as an individual affiliate.