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Noname Nerd Affiliates

Do you want to make money selling pop culture merch from the Noname Nerd?  

Whether you are trying to grow your YouTube Channel, Instagram following, or make it big as an artist or cosplay designer, we know that starting is the hardest part.  Also, we believe at the Noname Nerd that it is important that Nerds support other Nerds so we are pleased to offer our support to our fellow Nerds whether they are just starting out or established in their projects.  We are pleased to offer three levels of affiliate partnerships and hope that, whether you are looking to make some money or just looking to support your fellow Nerds, that you will click on the links below and like and follow everyone who interests you.

Step 1:  Pick the type of Affiliate Partnership that you would like below (Free or Premium)

Step 2:  Add the Partnership to your cart and check out.

Step 3:  Wait for your email with the link to our special partnership website where you will enter your affiliate details.  Once you enter those details, you will get your own personal affiliate link.

Step 4:  Post your personal affiliate link on your website, YouTube channel, or other social media and get paid as people use the link to buy Nerd Merch!  Use images and videos from our website to get even more sales!

Step 5:  As you generate more sales, you may be offered Elite Affiliate Sponsorship to get free merch and other special deals!

Because Nerds belong here.

1) Free Affiliate Partnership

You can become a Noname Nerd Affiliate for FREE  by joining the Noname Nerd Collaborative.  Not only can you get paid as an affiliate, but you will have all of your social media linked in our Noname Nerd Collaborative Directory.  We pledge that directory listings will remain free indefinitely now and into the future. It is part of our pledge to support creative Nerds and help Nerds network with other Nerds.


  • No cost to you
  • Personal affiliate link that allows you to earn 10% from all sales
  • Paid traffic sent directly to the directory
  • Great place to find other Nerds to collaborate with
  • Can remain in the directory indefinitely
  • Only links are provided
  • Paid traffic is not keyword targeted
  • No merch is included

2) Premium Affiliate Partnership

Do you want Noname Nerd Merch, free paid traffic, and the opportunity to get paid for sales at the Noname Nerd?  If you want your YouTube channel or other social media to receive high exposure on social media and to benefit directly from paid traffic, you should sign up for a Premium Affiliate Partnership.  Your site will be profiled on our Sponsored YouTube Channel page including an embedded video of your choice.  You will receive paid and targeted traffic from paid sent directly to our Sponsored YouTube Channel page.  Also, you get official Noname Nerd merch included with your sponsorship!  Check out our Premium Sponsored Channels here.


  • Personal affiliate link that allows you to earn 10% from all sales
  • Noname Nerd merch so that you can brag about your sponsorship in your videos and get more sponsors!
  • Paid and targeted traffic to help you grow your audience
  • Higher traffic than the Noname Nerd Collaborative page
  • Videos embedded in our site to help increase video views


  • Cost

3)  Elite Affiliate Sponsorship

Do you have a YouTube Channel that aligns with the Noname Nerd brand and has over 10,000 subs?  Are you already a Premium Affiliate with a history of sales?  We would be glad to talk with you about an Elite Sponsorship!  Elite Sponsors benefit from free merch, affiliate opportunities, and more.  Please email us at brian@nonamenerd.com if you are interested in Elite Sponsorship.

The small print:  The Noname Nerd reserves the right to select any and all links listed in the Collaborative or any and all Sponsorships. Adult, gambling, or channels promoting illegal activity will be refused. If any videos or channels do not meet our standards, Sponsorship and links can be revoked and deleted at any time at our discretion.  If a Sponsorship is revoked before the term agreed upon has concluded, a full refund will be provided. 

Providing links to your material grants the Noname Nerd with the right to promote your material, including using images and videos in subsequent advertising. Attribution will be given to the creator and ownership of material remains in the hands of the creator.

While the Noname Nerd will provide paid traffic to sponsored directories, we cannot guarantee that people will follow individual links, like, follow, or otherwise engage with sponsored material. Questions or concerns can be directed to brian@nonamenerd.com.