Noname Nerd Position on #ActiBlizzWalkout




The heart of the Noname Nerd is our inclusive and welcoming community. Nerds belong here. All nerds belong here. Our community is built upon the idea that we can create safe, welcoming, and inclusive online communities for diverse populations.

As more and more news rolls out related to the culture and actions at Activision Blizzard, it is clear that this company is operating in a manner very much at odds with the mission of both our community and the company. Discrimination is unacceptable. Harassment is unacceptable. We will not tolerate it. Let that be clear.

In solidarity with the employees of Blizzard Activision, the Noname Nerd community is engaging in a full boycott of Blizzard Activision games. This includes suspending all operations of our N3 Call of Duty teams. All community leaders, N3 staff, and company employees will not be playing any games from the company, and all members of the Noname Nerd community are strongly encouraged to join us, until such time as the N3 Council decides to end participation in the boycott.

This was not just a decision by me, as the owner of the company, although I am fully behind it. It stemmed from robust discussion among our community leaders and with full recognition that not everyone will agree with our position. However, if we want to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community for all, we must fight for a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community for all. Therefore, we add our voices to the many that are calling for justice for the employees at Activision Blizzard. #actiblizzwalkout