Noname Nerd NFTs

What are NFTs?

They are digital collectables.  They are unique and linked to a blockchain to provide proof of authenticity.

Are you new to NFT and just want to try it out?  We recommend using a desktop and first grabbing a digital wallet from  They are completely free!

Then, head here and we will send you a FREE NFT!

Getting the NFT bug? Let us mint a custom NFT for you!  You can create a digital collectable of your logo, a highlight clip of your favorite gaming moment, or a photo of your gaming setup!  Uses for NFT include:

  • Giveaways to your followers
  • Collectables that can grow in value as your career grows
  • Digital membership cards that can unlock special content
  • Evidence for early supporters

Get your own custom NFT now!

What else do we offer in terms of NFTs?

We are also offering t-shirts that are linked to NFTs.  That means that you can get a limited edition t-shirt AND a limited edition NFT at the same time.  You get one digital copy and one real copy.  Order your limited edition NFT shirt here.

  • Keep the shirt and sell the NFT
  • Hold on to both while the NFT grows in value
  • Enjoy the privilege of owning a limited edition product AND NFT

Get your limited edition NFT shirt here!