Noname Nerd NFT FAQ

What is a non-fungible token (NFT)?
NFT's are ways of creating digital scarcity.  It is a way to make digital items one-of-a-kind.  You can think of them as certificates of ownership in the same way that any cryptocurrency uses a distributed ledger to list ownership of digital currency.  Except, in this case, the distributed ledger lists off who owns particular items and not who owns particular currency.  You can find more information about NFTs here: 

What are Noname Nerd NFTs?
Noname Nerd NFT are digital collectables that are secured by smart contracts on the Polygon blockchain (a branch of Etherium and compatible with Etherium wallets.)  They are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are part of a blockchain.  In other words, they are digital collectibles that can be bought, sold, or transferred to anyone who has an Ethereum wallet.  We do recommend using a wallet that is compatible with Opensea (check here.)

Why would I want an NFT?
Think about what has happened with physical trading cards like Pokemon cards and Magic cards over time. The same things is happening with NFTs right now as the market for NFTs is currently exploding (  

How can I see my NFT?
We recommend using Opensea ( to view your collection.  While you can see digital copies of your NFT through any image reader, to see the "true" copy you need to use a platform that integrates with your digital wallet.  Opensea is the largest marketplace for NFTs and, as we will discuss, provides a good platform for the transfer and sale of your cards in the future.  However, there are other options as well. Please note that as of 11/1/21, the mobile version of Metamask was not fully supporting viewing NFT which is why we recommend viewing your NFT through Opensea on a desktop.

What do I need to "hold" my NFTs?
You do need to have a digital wallet.  We recommend that you use Metamask, which can integrate as a Chrome extension or separate app.  Digital wallets all have an address that can be used to receive cryptocurrency or NFTs. 

Can I share my NFT?
Sort of.  You can share the images associated with the NFT; however, there is only one "true" digital copy of your card with a certificate of ownership logged in the Polygon blockchain.  The true copy can only be held within one digital wallet at a time.

Can I sell or transfer ownership of my NFT?
Absolutely!  We recommend using the Opensea ( to sell or transfer ownership of your NFT.  Please note that there are transaction fee for the sale of NFTs.  Also, there a commission will be paid to the originator (the Noname Nerd) every time a NFT is sold.

Aren't people getting scammed with NFT?

Unfortunately, there are people trying to take advantage of the popularity of NFT.  Digital wallets have private keys and public addresses.  Public addresses are "one directional" and can only be used to receive NFT or cryptocurrency.  They are sort of like your mailbox.  Your private key, on the other hand, can be used to put NFT or cryptocurrency into your wallet OR take it out.  NEVER give out your private key to untrusted sources.  We will NEVER ask you for your private key.

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