NFT Trading Card FAQ

What are CryptoNerd Trading Cards?
These are digital trading cards that are one-of-a-kind items secured by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.  They are what is called a non-fungible token (NFT) that is part of a blockchain.  In other words, they are digital collectibles that can be bought, sold, or transferred to anyone who has an Ethereum wallet.  These cards are customizable and can include your own title, text, and image.

What can I put on my CryptoNerd Trading Card?
The content of your trading card is up to you.  You might create a single card that has your gamer tag, logo, and short bio or perhaps links to your streams and social media.  You could create separate cards for different games that you play or for special events.  What you put on your trading card is up to you!

What do I actually get with my order?
  1. A non-fungible token (NFT) for your custom trading card transferred to a digital wallet of your choice
  2. A digital copy of your trading card
  3. Access to a private VIP Facebook group via a QR code on your trading card.
  4. OPTIONAL:  A 8x12" aluminum or paper print of your trading card.

What is a non-fungible token (NFT)?
NFT's are ways of creating digital scarcity.  It is a way to make digital items one-of-a-kind.  You can think of them as certificates of ownership in the same way that any cryptocurrency uses a distributed ledger to list ownership of digital currency.  Except, in this case, the distributed ledger lists off who owns particular items and not who owns particular currency.  You can find more information about NFTs here: 

Why do I want a NFT trading card?
Think about what has happened with physical trading cards like Pokemon cards and Magic cards over time. The same things is happening with NFTs right now as the market for NFTs is currently exploding (  As your career as a streamer or content creator grows, you have the opportunity to create a digital archive of your career growth by developing different generations of trading cards that can grow in value as your career grows (you can even create rare ones or common ones depending on how many you create).  You may want to hand out cards to your early supporters or hold on to cards for yourself.

How can I see my trading card?
We recommend using Opensea ( to view your collection.  While you can see digital copies of your card through any image reader, to see the "true" copy you need to use a platform that integrates with your digital wallet.  Opensea is the largest marketplace for NFTs and, as we will discuss, provides a good platform for the transfer and sale of your cards in the future.  However, there are other options as well.

Where does my trading card live?
The trading card itself is a digital image that lives on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).  The IPFS is basically a decentralized computer network that ensures that your file is accessible without concern about hosting failures.  You can learn more about IPFS here:

What do I need to "hold" my trading cards?
You do need to have a digital wallet.  We recommend that you use Metamask, which can integrate as a Chrome extension or separate app.  Digital wallets all have an address that can be used to receive cryptocurrency or NFTs.  Digital wallets are free and if you don't have one set up, we can hold your NFT in our wallet until you are ready to receive it.

Can I share copies my trading card?
Sort of.  It is yours to do with as you wish and you can share (or not share) digital copies. However, there is only one "true" digital copy of your card that lives on the IPFS with a certificate of ownership logged in the Ethereum blockchain.  The true copy can only be held within one digital wallet at a time.

Can I sell or transfer ownership of my trading card?
Absolutely!  We recommend using the Opensea ( to sell or transfer ownership of your trading card; however, other platforms that are compatible with Ethereum NFT's can be used as well.  There is a transaction fee for the transfer or sale of  (i.e. "gas" fee).  These fees vary depending on the Ethereum price and traffic on the network.

What happens after I place my order?
After we create your trading card, it will be registered on the Ethereum blockchain and the ownership will be transferred to an Ethereum wallet of your choice.  If you don't have an Ethereum wallet, we can hold onto the card until you have one set up and transfer it to you later.  We will also you an email with a link to the IPFS location of your true copy.