Nerd School

What is Nerd School?

Nerd School is the opportunity for our nerd community to show off their knowledge and skills in a way that helps out other members of the community.  It's really just the Noname Nerd YouTube Channel, but it is also host to a curated set of videos that provide information on everything from how to gain followers on your stream and how to brand yourself to how to communicate with your fire squad and how to dominate at Fortnite.  And, of course, everything that is nerd related in between. These are videos by the Noname Nerd Community and selected by the Noname Nerd community.

Want to be a professor in Nerd School?

Just submit a video here:  Members of the Noname Nerd Community will vote on the videos and the best will be selected to appear on the Noname Nerd YouTube Channel.  You get exposure for your personal brand and get to spend a little time shouting out your own channel.  Also, videos will be promoted throughout Noname Nerd social media and emails so you are sure to get your name out there!

Want to pick what appears in Nerd School?

Make sure to check out the Nerd School submissions here:  Vote for your friends and fellow nerds to help pick who gets to appear in the Noname Nerd YouTube channel!

Want to attend Nerd School?

Luckily for you, tuition is free!  We can't promise you a diploma at the end, but we can promise you the opportunity to improve your stream, get gud at gaming, and generally make yourself a better nerd.  Head over to Nerd School here: