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Nerds Belong At The Noname Nerd

We are more than a company.  We are a community that is striving to create welcoming and inclusive online spaces for all types of nerds.  Our online community is most active on Discord and Facebook--just look below to find the links.  They are ALWAYS FREE to join!  Whether you are looking for someone to game with, chat with, or just some nerdy memes, we have it all!

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Are you looking for some fellow gamers, streamers, and content creators?  Just want to chat with some other nerds?  This is the place for you.


Nerd memes?  Yes!  Movies, comic books, fantasy, science fiction, and more?  Yes!  You belong here!

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Who is the Noname Nerd?

The Noname Nerd is not a single person, it is an online community of gamers, streamers, and content creators as well as a company that specializes in merch for nerds of all kinds. If you want to get to join the welcoming and supportive online community of the Noname Nerd, just join one of our free online communities, sign up for our email newsletter, or shoot him an email at