DigiDenizen Most Wanted

The rules of the game are simple.  There is a story being written in the #digidenizen-most-wanted channel on our Discord Server at https://discord.gg/zBpqk68.  You can influence what happens in the story by reacting to different sections.  Most importantly, if you own the NFT currently pinned to the top of the channel, you win the cash prize listed (up to $500!).  Just check the #digidenizen-most-wanted channel to see if your NFT is pinned and send an email to brian@nonamenerd.com with your ETH address to confirm ownership and you will win the cash prize!  

What?  You don't have a DigiDenizen NFT?  Order yours right now at https://www.nonamenerd.com/products/digidenizen!

Keep in mind that all of the DigiDenizen's are going to be hidden until 1/1/22 so you won't know until then if you have won!  Also, note that these are going for a limited price so be sure to get yours quickly if you want to get one for a lower price!

Small Print:

  • Your NFT must match the one in the poster perfectly and you must prove ownership of the NFT at the time that the wanted poster is listed.
  • An NFT cannot be used to claim multiple prizes in a single text chapter; however an NFT can appear in multiple chapters...
  • The Most Wanted Digidenizens may change at any time so make sure that you stop by the #digidenizen-most-wanted channel in Discord (https://discord.gg/zBpqk68) regularly--especially on 1/1/22 to find out who is wanted!