How do I add things to my mini-store?

1) You are assigned a PERSONAL assistant who will work with you to manually develop a store that fits your brand. That's right. A real person builds your store personally.

2) Our stores are free. You don't have to pay us any set up or maintenance fees. In fact, you NEVER have to pay anything to have a store listed on the Noname Nerd!

3) Your store does not expire. That's right, once it is set up, it lives on indefinitely (see small print below)

4) We have over 130 different products that you can include in our store, from our signature esports jerseys to mousepads. To see all of our "basic products" go to
Starter stores are limited to 10 "basic products" and 1 logo per store. Stores can have an unlimited of "premium products". For each sale, we will add up to 10 more products and 1 additional logo. So the more you sell, the bigger your store can grow (yes, buying products yourself counts).

4) "Premium products" include our signature jerseys and blankets and must be purchased before they can be placed in your store. If you have purchased a "premium product" you can request that it be locked in through this form (  If you aren't sure if a product is premium or basic, just email me at and ask!

5)  Please remember that you must have commercial rights to use any image that you submit to have in your store.

6) We reserve the right to close stores that have not generated sales in 6 months and/or contain images and messages that are contrary to the purpose and mission of the Noname Nerd.

    If you want changes to your mini-store, just send an email with your request to  In your email, please be sure to include the product that you want added (or taken away if you are at your limit) and any additional logos that you want.  If you want something in particular (e.g. graphic in top right corner), we recommend taking a screenshot of any design that you make from the customizer ( and sending that with the email.  That will help us set things up just like you want!