Happy Hour – The Noname Nerd

Happy Hour

The Noname Nerd is pleased to be offering weekly Happy Hours.  These will be virtual opportunities for the Noname Nerd community to get together, support each other, engage in humorous Nerd banter, and throw back a few beverages of your choice.  Each week the Noname Nerd Discord Admin team will pick a member of the community to host the Happy Hour with particular attention paid to active members of our growing community.  If you are interested, stop by about join us!  There will even be coupon codes for free merch given away at each Happy Hour!

How to participate:  Join the Happy Hour Voice Channel in our Discord Server (https://discord.gg/nonamenerd) if you want to chat with your fellow Nerds.  Then join the stream by following the link below!
**Times and dates are subject to change.**

Date:  Thursday, July 16
Time:  9:00 PM EST
Comments:  We will be celebrating 1,000 members of the Noname Nerd Discord Server at this Happy Hour.  Come, bring your friends and chat with your fellow Nerds!  Brian will be there and providing free giveaways!

Date:  Thursday, July 23
Time:  9:00 PM EST
Comments: Parental advisory as there may be some swearing involved. :)

Date:  Thursday, July 30
Time: 9:00 PM EST

Date:  Friday, August 7
Time:  9:00 PM EST

Date:  Thursday, August 13
Time:  9:00 PM EST

Date:  Thursday, August 20
Time:  9:00 PM EST

Date:  Thursday, August 27
Time:  9:00 PM EST
Location:  TBD