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Can NFTs Help You Grow Your Community?

This course includes over 90 minutes of video exclusively from the Noname Nerd giving you an introduction to NFT, why they are an important component of community growth for streamers and content creators, and how to use them to add value to your community without costing you a single sent or requiring any complicated transfers of cryptocurrency!

This course is for streamers and content creators who are interested in using non-fungible tokens (NFT) as a way to connect with their audience and to grow their communities. If you are just starting out with crypto and NFTs or interested in trying it out, this is the course for you.

It will walk you through both the practical and theoretical elements of making an NFT and show you free ways to get started and create useful NFT that you can give out to your community members without costing you, or them, a thing! It's easy to get into NFTs, but many people are doing it the wrong way or creating NFT that no one is interested in. Learn the tips and tricks to do it right and in a way that builds your brand and builds your community.

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Find out how you can reward your following for engaging with your content.


Did you know that you can mint and transfer NFT at absolutely no cost?  We'll show you how!

Create exclusive content

We'll show you how to create "gated" content that is only available to people who own your NFT.

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Why Take A Course With THE NONAME NERD?

Thousands of people have taken our courses

We are a well established company and community of gamers, streamers, and content creators.  We have been helping people grow their audiences for years and are happy to use that experience to create opportunities for you!


This course is specially designed for people that are new to NFTs.  It was designed from the ground up to walk you through the process from both a practical and theoretical lens.  This is new technology and you need to understand both how to get involved and where it is going.


This is a no-risk opportunity.  You don't need a credit card.  You won't be charged shipping or anything.  Just enter your email address and you will instantly be sent the code you need to get this coruse for free!

Who is the Noname Nerd?

The Noname Nerd is an online community of gamers, streamers, and content creators as well as a company that specializes in merch for nerds of all kinds.  The owner of the company is Brian Thomas and he is the one that developed this artwork.  He is a nerd by profession (like 4 college degrees) and a dedicated father and husband.  In addition to his love of video games and movies, he loves to learn new things from programming AI to digital marketing.

If you want to get to know Brian better or join the welcoming and supportive online community of the Noname Nerd, just go to www.nerdsbelonghere.com