The DigiDenizen RPG Game by The Noname Nerd

We are pleased to be launching the DigiDenizen RPG Game on the Noname Nerd Discord Server!  This community-driven and community-interactive game will allow DigiDenizen NFT holders to play as their NFT in a text-based, interactive game built directly into the popular Noname Nerd Discord Server.  Keep reading for more details!


The Noname Nerd is backed by a well-stablished online community focused on gaming, streaming, and content creation.


We cover all gas fees on the Polygon network when you buy your NFT. We cover minting fees too!  No surprises!


We accept payment in crypto, credit card, PayPal, and other major payment methods.  No complicated exchange of cryptocurrency required!

How Will The DigiDenizen Game Work?

The DigiDenizen NFT Game will launch in March of 2022 as a text-based RPG game on the Noname Nerd Discord Server.  In the same way that the Noname Nerd is a community-first company, this will be a community-first game.  The idea will be to create a framework of a game that will rely on community input and community interaction to create imagination driven gameplay that encourages community members to interact.

At the initial launch, owners of DigiDenizen NFT will be able to play as one of their NFTs including having starting stats and items that are part of their NFT.  They will be able to buy, sell, and trade these items in the in-game economy and earn additional items and XP through duals with other players, quests, and crafting through hunting and harvesting.  All of this will take place through interactions with the custom game bot that will allow your NFT character to level up and evolve.

This is a game about your imagination.  It is about the community's imagination.

Rather than launching as a fully finished game, we will launch with the basics (e.g. basic quests, duels, in-game economy, etc.)  At the same time, we will begin soliciting feedback from the community and immediately start expanding.  Do you have a suggestion for an item or a monster that you would like to see?  Just let us know!  Do you have an idea for a crafting recipe, quest, or other feature?  Let us know that as well!  

Just fill out this form if you have an idea that you would like added to the game!  We can't promise that we will include everything, but we will do out best to let the community be our guide!

10,000 Unique 1 of 1 NFT

These NFT are unique 1 of 1 collectables on the polygon network.  They vary in name, hat, shirt, clothes, weapons, and more!  They have both internal and external traits!

Win Up to $500 Instantly!

A current and interactive story contest on our Discord Server means that one NFT out there is worth up to $500 cash!  Just go to to find out of your NFT is a winner!

More interactive contests are on the way too!

Game Development roadmap

After 1,000 DigiDenizens have been sold, we will begin work on an interactive game. This will allow both internal and external traits to come together. They might be able to battle. They might be able to breed. They might begin giving out tokens! The details are really up to you! 

The DigiDenizens Roadmap And Team

(DONE) November 2021: Finalize the artwork and the full collection. Collect orders for the first 1,000. Still working on goal of 1,000 sold.

(DONE) January 1, 2022: Reveal the first round of DigiDenizens! They will not be revealed before 12:01 AM EST on January 1! Up to 1,000 DigiDenizens will be sold for only $4.99 via the Noname Nerd website. A portion of these DigiDenizens will be given away through promotions and made available to the Noname Nerd community for free.

(Currently Being Developed) After 1,000 DigiDenizens have been sold, we will begin work on an interactive game. This will allow both internal and external traits to come together. They might be able to battle. They might be able to breed. They might begin giving out tokens! The details are really up to you! The game content will be determined by how much YOU decided to pay for your Digidenizen and the price after 1,000 may be adjusted accordingly.

After 5,000 DigiDenizens have been sold, we will adjust the price again and "sweep the floor" buying up low-priced tokens that are being resold to help raise the value of the tokens for everyone who is holding one. We will also send codes for free t-shirts to all DigiDenizen holders.

After 10,00 DigiDenizens are sold we will release the gaming system and hire someone to manage the online community.

Team: This project is being run by the Noname Nerd using a global team of developers and artists. The Noname Nerd has been in operation for 3 years and focused on merchandise for streamers, gamers, and content creators. We are super excited to be taking our talents into the realm of digital collectibles. We have an established (and growing) community which you can join at



Our NFT are all produced on the Polygon blockchain. Not only does this mean that gas fees are much lower if you decide to sell or transfer your NFT, but you can also feel comfortable that your NFT is using much lower energy than other blockchains!


We make the buying process very easy. All you need is a ETH address (we HIGHLY recommend the Metamask Chrome Extension). No need to go to an exchange or buy special cryptocurrency. Set up your wallet, buy your NFT, and we'll send it to you. That's all!


If you are new to the Noname Nerd Community, we will send you an NFT for FREE! Supplies are limited so sign up now to get a free NFT that might unlock a loot chest worth up to $250! Just go here:

Who is the Noname Nerd?

The Noname Nerd is an online community of gamers, streamers, and content creators as well as a company that specializes in merch for nerds of all kinds.  The owner of the company is Brian Thomas and he is the one that developed this artwork.  He is a nerd by profession (like 4 college degrees) and a dedicated father and husband.  In addition to his love of video games and movies, he loves to learn new things from programming AI to digital marketing.

If you want to get to know Brian better or join the welcoming and supportive online community of the Noname Nerd, just go to