The DigiDenizen NFT Collection by The Noname Nerd

DigiDenizens have been lurking in the digital world since the early days of dialup and have recently emerged from depths of digital dungeons to serve as our familiars for the metaverse. 


The Noname Nerd is backed by a well-stablished online community focused on gaming, streaming, and content creation.


We cover all gas fees on the Polygon network when you buy your NFT. We cover minting fees too!  No surprises!


We accept payment in crypto, credit card, PayPal, and other major payment methods.  No complicated exchange of cryptocurrency required!

Do You Want To Play The DigiDenizen Game?

We are proud to bring your DigiDenizen NFT to life through a Discord-based game that will allow you to battle monsters and other players, earn special NerdCoins, and level up through interactive gameplay that combines the styles of classic text-based RPGs with the charming 8-bit style of the DigiDenizens. The game will be played via the DDZEN bot who will be your game master for the game.

In order to play, you must own a DigiDenizen NFT and connect that NFT to your Discord account via our online registration system. The registration system will connect the digital wallet that holds your NFT with your Discord account so that you can play on any Discord server that has the DDZEN bot active.

System Requirements:
- Desktop computer running Chrome with the Metamask extension
- Discord Account

How To Register Your NFT (Skip to step 3 if you have a Discord account and already own a DigiDenizen NFT)

1. Buy a DigiDenizen NFT ( Wait 24 to 48 hours for the NFT to be delivered to your digital wallet. You will get an email confirmation when your NFT has been delivered.

2. Go to the Noname Nerd Discord Server ( If necessary, create a Discord account.

3. Connect your DigiDenizen NFT to your Discord ID by registering at Please note that you MUST use your Discord ID number when registering. You CANNOT use your Discord Name (which can be changed.) Watch this video for details on how to get your Discord ID and to register:

Play the Game on Discord

First, you will need to pick which 3 NFT you will use to play. Currently, you are limited to playing with 3 of your NFT (I recommend picking the ones that have the highest attack value.) Type &reg to pick the NFT that you will use. You will only need to do this once. To get started, just type &play either in the appropriate channel or via a DM to DDZEN. You have the choice of either playing publicly or privately. If you play publicly, please only play on designated channels so as not to clog other channels with your interactions with the DDZEN bot. Play around and see what you can do!

While this game is still very much in beta, it will continue to evolve as we get feedback from the community and continue to add features and make improvements. Here are a few of the things to consider as you play.

1. Any experience or Nerdcoin that your NFT has will stay with your NFT if it is sold and someone else plays the game with the NFT. They will simply need to register at

2. In the near future, you will be able to invite the DDZEN bot onto one of your servers so that you can play in ANY Discord server!

3. Later this year, you will be able to "cash out" your Nerdcoin for real cryptocurrency which will can be used to purchase items at We have not yet established the exchange rate so no promises regarding what you will be able to buy; however, our goal is to provide real value for the NerdCoin that you earn.

4. We appreciate your patience as we roll out this game. We decided to release it in a barebones stage and to grow it as the DigiDenizen community grows. That means there will be inevitable bugs and delays and we appreciate your cooperation as we work through all of these and create something that will be evolving and growing at the same time that the community does!

For questions, concerns, or to report bugs just email me at

What Are The DigiDenizens?

DigiDenizens have been lurking in the digital world since the early days of dialup and have recently emerged from depths of digital dungeons to serve as our familiars for the metaverse. Who is your DigiDenizen? Who will pick you to be your link to the digital realm, whether helping you to navigate social media or wreak havoc on technology?

But don't let their small 400 x 400 pixel size deceive you, these pixelated denizens of the metaverse pack a lot in a small package. Living just beneath the surface of the digital landscape, they are metaverse natives that serve as our digital familiars as we increasingly link our physical selves to the digital world. They were spontaneously generated in the 1980s as bulletin board systems, dial-up modems, and ARPANET began to create pathways for information to flow around the world. Rooted in early role-playing games, they emerged from the digital dungeons of these early games and computer systems to develop a free will that has allowed them to move freely throughout the growing information highway that now connects, not just our computers, but our entire lives. Despite their primitive look, they carry with them a mystique and, in fact, magic that has allowed them to transcend the changing technology of our ever-evolving world.

For many years, they were simply watchers to our physical world. They appeared as NPCs in our games or even gremlins that mischievously corrupted our computer files without us understanding why. We dismissed them as meaningless sprites or they laughed as we failed to understand the subtle destruction that they caused. They also interacted amongst themselves, sometimes seeking to help us and causing sudden fixes as we restarted our computers. At other times, they conspired against us collaborating with hackers to bring down entire networks. They were seen, but unseen.

As information networks have increasingly permeated our everyday lives and the digital society of the DigiDenizens has itself evolved, some of them have decided to reveal themselves to the human world. Through the technology of non-fungible tokens, they have sought out humans to whom they feel connected. To these select individuals, they have sworn allegiance as digital familiars. They have bonded to their humans and promised to help them as their loyal companions linking their humans to the digital world. They are our guides as we enter the metaverse. But they aren't all the same...

In fact, the DigiDenizens have over 9.5 quadrillion different combinations. There are 64 basic types of DigiDenizens and each comes with different hair, clothes, and items. Your DigiDenizen will even come with its own unique name! But there is more beneath the surface--each DigiDenizen has its own intelligence, wisdom, charisma, dexterity, strength, constitution, and chaos factor. What is its chaos factor? That is the extent to which your DigiDenizen is compelled to cause havoc or create order... Does your DigiDenizen align with your personality? What do you think drew your DigiDenizen to you? This collection of 10,000 unique 1 of 1 NFT has a HUGE amount of unique variation. In addition to the 64 different types and genders, they each vary in terms of shoes, gloves, hair, hats, pants, shirts, and items that they carry. There are over 170 different items that you will find in their hands! This makes for over 9.5 quadrillion variations. That's more than the number of people who have existed on Earth. Ever. Living and dead. View the entire collection here:

10,000 Unique 1 of 1 NFT

These NFT are unique 1 of 1 collectables on the polygon network.  They vary in name, hat, shirt, clothes, weapons, and more!  They have both internal and external traits!

Win Up to $500 Instantly!

A current and interactive story contest on our Discord Server means that one NFT out there is worth up to $500 cash!  Just go to to find out of your NFT is a winner!

More interactive contests are on the way too!

Game Development roadmap

After 1,000 DigiDenizens have been sold, we will begin work on an interactive game. This will allow both internal and external traits to come together. They might be able to battle. They might be able to breed. They might begin giving out tokens! The details are really up to you! 

The DigiDenizens Roadmap And Team

(DONE) November 2021: Finalize the artwork and the full collection. Collect orders for the first 1,000. Still working on goal of 1,000 sold.

(DONE) January 1, 2022: Reveal the first round of DigiDenizens! They will not be revealed before 12:01 AM EST on January 1! Up to 1,000 DigiDenizens will be sold for only $4.99 via the Noname Nerd website. A portion of these DigiDenizens will be given away through promotions and made available to the Noname Nerd community for free.

(STARTED!) After 1,000 DigiDenizens have been sold, we will begin work on an interactive game. This will allow both internal and external traits to come together. They might be able to battle. They might be able to breed. They might begin giving out tokens! The details are really up to you! The game content will be determined by how much YOU decided to pay for your Digidenizen and the price after 1,000 may be adjusted accordingly.

After 5,000 DigiDenizens have been sold, we will adjust the price again and "sweep the floor" buying up low-priced tokens that are being resold to help raise the value of the tokens for everyone who is holding one. We will also send codes for free t-shirts to all DigiDenizen holders.

After 10,00 DigiDenizens are sold we will release the gaming system and hire someone to manage the online community.

Team: This project is being run by the Noname Nerd using a global team of developers and artists. The Noname Nerd has been in operation for 3 years and focused on merchandise for streamers, gamers, and content creators. We are super excited to be taking our talents into the realm of digital collectibles. We have an established (and growing) community which you can join at



Our NFT are all produced on the Polygon blockchain. Not only does this mean that gas fees are much lower if you decide to sell or transfer your NFT, but you can also feel comfortable that your NFT is using much lower energy than other blockchains!


We make the buying process very easy. All you need is a ETH address (we HIGHLY recommend the Metamask Chrome Extension). No need to go to an exchange or buy special cryptocurrency. Set up your wallet, buy your NFT, and we'll send it to you. That's all!


If you are new to the Noname Nerd Community, we will send you an NFT for FREE! Supplies are limited so sign up now to get a free NFT that might unlock a loot chest worth up to $250! Just go here:

Who is the Noname Nerd?

The Noname Nerd is an online community of gamers, streamers, and content creators as well as a company that specializes in merch for nerds of all kinds.  The owner of the company is Brian Thomas and he is the one that developed this artwork.  He is a nerd by profession (like 4 college degrees) and a dedicated father and husband.  In addition to his love of video games and movies, he loves to learn new things from programming AI to digital marketing.

If you want to get to know Brian better or join the welcoming and supportive online community of the Noname Nerd, just go to