AutomaNerd Graphic Design

What are AutomaNerd Graphic Design services?

These are graphic design services that are offered by the Noname Nerd to provide affordable and convenient ways for gamers, streamers, and content creators to get matching graphics that represent their personal brand.

What is special about AutomaNerd services?

We combine H.I. (Human Intelligence) with automated services to create unique graphics just for you. While we do use software to rapidly create high-quality graphics, each project is managed by and overseen directly by a human who checks the style and quality before sending out the finished product.  You give us three words to get us going and we take care of the rest!

How do you keep your prices so low?

First, you do not get to pick the specific details of our graphics.  You give us three words to inspire the designer and then we take it from there!  This saves us time, but also requires that you trust us to make your vision a reality.  Second, we do not allow revisions.  We will send you two versions of all output and you are free to use them both or to pick only one!  If it isn't quite what you want, just place a new order!  At these prices, you can order several!

Do you do any special customizations?

The short answer is no, at this stage we are not doing special customizations.  So if you enter ninja and fairy as two of your key words, we will probably send you designs that are similar to a ninja and a fairy, but not a combination of a ninja and a fairy.  At this stage we are not engaging in products that require new drawing development.  Images are drawn from a database and automatically combined with the text.  If you are not sure though, just send me an email to

What if I am not satisfied with my designs?

If we made a mistake, we will do our best to remedy them!  However, if we followed the instructions that you sent and simply do not like the result, you will need to submit a new order if you would like a new design.

Can I get a logo that I ordered edited?

You can order a revision here if you would like a change to the color, text, or size.  If you would like a major revision, please place a new order.  Please note that we can only make limited changes due to the semi-automated process through which we are generating logos.  If you have any questions, just email before placing an order.