Affiliate Resources

This page is for official Noname Nerd Affiliates.  These are dedicated nerds who represent the Noname Nerd online and at conventions in exchange for free merchandise, unique opportunities to network with other nerds, and other perks. 

Affiliates are welcome to use these images as well as other images that they find on our website. Please do not modify images without permission. The Noname Nerd retains all rights to images created by the Noname Nerd.

Representing the Noname Nerd in person and online:

We would love to have you represent the Noname Nerd either online or in person!  Our goal is to create an environment where nerds of all kinds feel welcome and appreciated so we expect our representatives to be positive and welcoming to nerds of all sorts. We expect behavior that represents our brand in this manner.

If you are interested in representing the Noname Nerd at a con, please send us an email at a few weeks before the con! We will be happy to send you some swag to give away so that you can help us reach out to other nerds! 


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