Affiliate Merch

Did you know that you can take any jersey design and sell it yourself as an affiliate?  It's really easy!

1)  Design and order a one of our customizable products (make sure to use your affiliate link!)

2)  Just click the "Launch me" button below, fill out the form, and wait for an email from the Noname Nerd with a link to the new product.

3)  Once you get the link go to the Affiliate Portal --> Marketing Tools --> Product Link and put in the link to make sure that you get a commission for all sales!

4)  Market, market, market your own product!

And yes, you can do this with as many designs as you want!

Fine Print:

  • Please note that we can't sell anything that violates copyright so submitting a design means that you are indicating ownership of the design.
  • You must purchase at least one of each product before you a request that it is put up on the store to sell (this includes new designs.)
  • Jerseys will appear as separate products (it's our specialty after all!) Other products may appear in one of our customization systems.
  • Prices are determined by the Noname Nerd and subject to change.
  • You continue to own the design and can remove the product at any time by emailing Brian at
  • Please remember that you only get credit for sales using your Affiliate links.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to carry designs that we feel do not represent the Noname Nerd brand.