Esports Team Package

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By purchasing this item, you agree to the following.

Noname Nerd will provide:

  1. Custom Team Jersey design and printing including:
    1. Customization and preparation of design for print
    2. Different gamer tags on 8 jerseys
    3. Proofs and one set of revision (additional revisions may be provided at additional cost)
    4. Printing for 8 sublimation full cover print polyester t-shirt designs (each additional jersey be $35 per jersey)
  2. Permission to use the Noname Nerd logo on all social media and marketing material
  3. Unique coupon code for 10% off all purchases. and 10% of all sales using that code
  4. A means to print and sell Team jerseys through the Noname Nerd website
    1. The Noname Nerd will give $2 per jersey sold to the Team
  5. Posting of the Team Name on the Noname Nerd website as an officially sponsored team

The Noname Nerd will have:

  1. Exclusive rights to print and sell Team jerseys
  2. The right to determine the final price and product descriptions of jerseys and the means to manufacture the jerseys
  3. Ownership and full control over all Noname Nerd logos

The Team will provide:

  1. Inclusion of the Noname Nerd logo and a link to our website on at least three of the following:
    1. Team website
    2. Team discord server
    3. Team Instagram profile
    4. Team Facebook page
    5. Team Twitch channel

The Team will have:

  1. Ownership and full control over all Team logos.
  2. Ownership of 100% of any money won from competitions while sponsored by the Noname Nerd
  3. 10% of the value of all sales using the unique Team coupon code
  4. $2 for every Team jersey sold

Additional terms:

  • Both parties can cancel this contract with 30 days written notice to the other party.
  • This contract will cover 2020 with future renewal based on approval by both parties
  • All jerseys referred to in this contract are polyester, full sublimation print polyester jerseys. Other styles (baseball, hoodie) may be available at additional costs.
  • Typical times to print jerseys will be at least 21 days and may take longer