Noname Nerd Brand Package 2.0


Are you a real Noname Nerd?  I mean, do you really OWN being a Nerd?  Well, you belong here.  And this merch should belong to you.  Priced separately, these items are valued at over $20.  Together, you can get them for only $14.99!

1) Noname Nerd Neck Gaiter: Call it a buff, a multifunctional scarf, a gaiter, whatever! It's breathable and stretchy and can be used as a mask, headband, or many other uses! Also, if you feel like looking like the Noname Nerd, it can do that too!

2) Pop up phone holder:  Do you know those cool things that stick to the back of your phone and make it easier to hold? Yeah, we have those. You know, you pull them out for one-handed phone use, taking selfies, etc. They can also prop up your phone so that you can watch the latest zombie movie that is streaming. 

3)  Kawaii Mask:  Get a functional and fun (non-medical) cotton mask! The design may vary, but they are all comfortable!

4)  Logo sticker:  This 10 cm die-cut, waterproof, vinyl round sticker is perfect for showing off your membership in the best d*mn community of Nerds on the internet! Who is the Noname Nerd! You are!