AutomaNerd Logo Design


Don't want to pay professional designers hundreds of dollars to create a logo for you?  Tired of throwing away money on reused templates from free services?

Use our AutomaNerd Logo Design Service!

Give us three keywords, two colors (we can even match hex codes!), and we will design a custom logo for you!  We recommend at least one noun and one adjective and please note that we cannot create copyrighted material or create unusual combinations.  We will add any text that you want (two lines with up to 30 characters each).  These logos cannot be revised, but you do have full private and commercial use of them!  And for this price, if you don't like it, just order another one!

What's more, we will provide you with two different versions!  Both are yours to use as you wish!

After you place your order, you will get taken to a form to drop your details and you will get your logo in about 3 business days!  Check out some of our great examples!

All logos will have a transparent background and be created at web resolution (72 dpi.)  These logos are perfect for our jerseys or any of our over 130 customizable items!

If you have questions or concerns, just email

Want to know more about our AutomaNerd Graphic Design Services?  Click here.

After you place your order, you will receive an email with a link to a form where you will provide us with information to get started.